Accounting and financial books for:

  • Small businesses: d.o.o., j.d.o.o. / taxpayers applying HSFI-a /
  • Craft
  • Independent activities
  • Non-profit organizations – NGOs

  • Accountancy services:

  • The organization and management of accounting records (diary, general ledger, books of incoming and outgoing invoices, records of bank statements, cashbook and other auxiliary books)
  • The records and accounts relating to fixed assets
  • Internet Banking - Payments / in agreement with the client - entry of payment orders /

  • Recording and accounting of salaries and other benefits (service contracts, royalties):

  • Payroll - calculation monthly and preparing orders for the payment of obligations on the basis of salary
  • Reporting - monthly, according the Tax Administration and FINa / Regos via an Internet service
  • Opening and managing tax employee cards the IP form - annual report
  • Calculation and Reporting: royalties, fees for contract of service as well as contracts of student services for the students' work

  • Foreign currency affairs:

  • Keeping surveillance books for: imports and exports, credit transactions and other transactions with abroad
  • Reports to Croatian National Bank - HNB
  • Accounting processing of foreign currency operations

  • Reporting towards state institutions (FINa / Regos Tax Administration, the Central Bureau of Statistics, Croatian National Bank) and send via an Internet service:

  • Statistical reports / quarterly and annual / GFI-POD reports with notes and decisions for publication
  • Application of Value Added Tax - VAT forms / monthly - quarterly / annual
  • Income tax returns / the form PD-with all enclosures provided by law on tax on profit
  • Other reports statutorily defined according to activities the Client

  • Crafts and freelance professions:

  • The book of receipts and expenditures
  • Book transactions
  • Evidence of fixed assets
  • Records of receivables and payables
  • Annual income tax returns - for tax administration

  • Other services:

  • Consulting (for regular tax liability and other related accounting tasks)
  • Administrative within the framework of accounting
  • Preparation of accounting policies
  • Preparing internal reports managment based on client demand
  • Making appropriate decisions, various letters related to accounting issues, etc.
  • Preparing and calculating travel orders to the enclosed documentation according to the query of the Client
  • Registration of employee in Croatian Institution for Pensun fund and Health Insurance (HZMIO and HZZO)
  • Takeover documents for the booking at the place of Client- agreement with the Client
  • Assistance in the supervision of the Tax Administration as well as in the Revision process - on the request of the Client

  • Fees of accounting services are negotiated with you, according to your activities and volume of business.

    Contact phone: +385 1 3897 701

    Cell phone:     +385 91 3000 960


    Director: ?eljka Ganjto-Bakovi?

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